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Investigation Services (Individual and Corporate) in Kenya

At Legacy Auctioneering Services, we offer comprehensive investigation services tailored for both individuals and corporate entities across Kenya. Our team employs advanced techniques and resources to deliver thorough investigations, ensuring you have the necessary information to make informed decisions. From background checks to due diligence, trust us to uncover the insights you need.

Court Order Execution and Warrant of Attachment Services

Trust Legacy Auctioneering Services to execute court orders and warrants of attachment with precision and efficiency. With a deep understanding of Kenyan legal procedures, we ensure swift and effective execution to fulfill your legal obligations. Whether it’s property attachment or asset seizure, our experienced team handles it all seamlessly.

Levy Distress for Rent Services

Are you struggling with overdue rent arrears? Legacy Auctioneering Services provides levy distress services to help landlords recover outstanding rent payments efficiently. Our dedicated team follows legal protocols to levy distress, ensuring a smooth process while safeguarding your rights as a landlord in Kenya.

Repossessions Services

When it comes to repossessions in Kenya, trust Legacy Auctioneering Services to handle the process professionally and ethically. Whether it’s reclaiming properties or assets, we work diligently to secure your interests. Count on us for prompt and reliable repossessions tailored to your specific requirements.

Conveyance and Title Deed Procurement Services

Streamline your property transactions in Kenya with Legacy Auctioneering Services’ conveyance and title deed procurement services. Our experts facilitate seamless property transfers, ensuring all legal aspects are handled with precision. From title deed searches to documentation, we simplify the conveyancing process for you.

Property Transfer and Realization of Securities

Experience hassle-free property transfers and realization of securities with Legacy Auctioneering Services. Our skilled professionals manage all aspects of the transfer process efficiently, ensuring compliance with Kenyan regulations. Trust us to safeguard your interests while facilitating smooth transactions.

Auction Services for Movable Assets and Livestock

Need to liquidate movable assets or livestock in Kenya? Look no further than Legacy Auctioneering Services. We specialize in conducting transparent and successful auctions, maximizing returns for our clients. With extensive market knowledge and a broad network, we ensure your assets are sold at competitive prices.

Debt Collection and Recovery Services

Trust Legacy Auctioneering Services to handle your debt collection and recovery needs in Kenya effectively. Our experienced team employs proven strategies to recover outstanding debts promptly, minimizing financial losses for our clients. From negotiation to legal action, we pursue debtors diligently to achieve optimal results.

Execution of Decrees for Money Recovery

At Legacy Auctioneering Services, we specialize in executing decrees for money recovery in Kenya. Whether you’re a creditor seeking to enforce a court judgment or a debtor facing enforcement proceedings, we provide expert assistance every step of the way. Count on us for professional and reliable execution services.

Motor Vehicle Storage Services

Ensure the safe storage of your motor vehicles in Kenya with Legacy Auctioneering Services. Our secure storage facilities offer peace of mind, whether you need short-term or long-term storage solutions. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and strict security measures, we protect your vehicles while they’re in our care. We have a storage yard directly opposite ST. Mary’s pastoral center near Hill Court Hotel in Nakuru Town, our main yard is next to Rock Hyrax Hotel Nakuru.

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